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Lisa "Koz"

My personal story

Life, Faith, Confidence

Hey there! Let me QUICK introduce myself. I am a wife and mother to 6 kiddos, half grown and out of the house with half still living at home. We have 3 dogs, two labs and one a herding mix that we inherited when we bought our current home. I am currently a Clinical Massage Therapist doing clinical sports massage. BC, or before children I was a Paramedic for about 14 years, an instructor/course coordinator that traveled all over WI teaching and conference speaking. 

I have been a Christian pretty much since birth being I can not remember a time when God wasn't actively in my life. 

I started this blog as a resource to myself to throw on some of the information that I use to teach. 1) so I can access that information to build teachings or talks and 2) to supplement my instruction and 3) just to dump information so that I could move on to other topics with my processed thoughts kept for later.

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