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Where to Start...

Whew, I am NOT a blog writer. I said it. This is NOT my jam. You are like,Lisa, you get you don't HAVE to do a blog. You know that, right? Yeah, Yeah I do, HOWEVER this is a great way for me to get things I have learned and I use in conversations, teaching, etc. where they can be easily accessed. Those of you who know me know I love to tell a good story. I LOVE TO TALK. Writing has just not been my thing. Yet here I am willing to try something new.

So that's why I am here with a blog. I'm not a book writing kinda gal and I'm just going to use this to help organize those stories I love.

Please be kind and gentle, again, I'm a story teller, never have I been a writer.

Thanks though for supporting me in this. I hope you enjoy the challenges that I have on here.Check those out, they are a fun way to work on prayer and studying.

I also hope at least one or two of the posts resinate, and support you, in your journey as you come a long on some of mine.

I appreciate every one of you. Thank you and here we go....

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